Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Quick & Flupke

Well, hello! This is the first batch of English translations that I am uploading.  And yes, I did translate everything I post on this blog myself. Font, etc. is mine as well.  Only the drawings are not; which of course they were all drawn by Herge (Georges Remi).

Ok, well, the purpose of this blog is that I am going to be uploading English translations of Herge-relatedcomics that are not currently available in any form in English.  I think these will be a great treat to Herge fans, and I hope that you'll enjoy these.

First off the bat, I have here English translations of some Quick & Flupke books. This series was writern by Herge between the years 1930-1940, and are mostly 2-page gags. Herge drew over 300 of these gags, and not all of them have been published in book form.  During the "Le Petit Vingiteme" years there were roughly 5 volumes put out in black and white; and then in the 1950-60s a 11 volume series was published called "The Exploits of Quick & Flupke" each book contained 16 gags. And then in the 1990s Casterman put out a 12-volume series of Quick & Flupke, each book containing 23 gags, with 11 of the volumes by Herge and one volume with gags by Johan de Moor.  Well, it's three of those eleven volumes that I present translated here today (Excuse Me Ma'am, Catastrophe & Pranks and Jokes), and the file that you see labeled "13" is not an actual published volume. It's simply a collection I put together of Quick & Flupke gags by Herge that never appeared in any of the 11 volumes.  So anyway I hope you enjoy!

Volume 7 - Excuse Me Ma'am - Click to Download!

Volume 9 - Catastrophe - Click to DOWNLOAD!

Volume 10 - Pranks and Jokes - CLICK TO DOWNLOAD!

Volume 13 - What Audacity! - CLICK TO DOWNLOAD!

Next I'll be uploading some rare Herge series such as "Dropsy" and "The Amiable Mr. Mops".


  1. Very good work.....Thanks for that...but can you translate the other volumes Of Quick and Flupke please?? I guess there are 11 volumes or so??

  2. You'll find some additional information on translations on my web site. I translated Haute Tension, the Q&F book by Johan De Moor and about 12 strips that are not in any of the newer series of books, but I don't have these on my web site yet. If you're desperate for the English translations, you can get the EuroBooks (India) books from a distributor in NYC, but they're quite expensive and the India translations are not all that good. I have a lot of other Q&F stuff on my site at

  3. hello- I have with me the entire Quick and Flupke translations published by Euro Books, India. Being from India itself and being an ardent Herge fan- i purchased all the titles. i agree with you that the translation...choice of words is not perfect. Hope you can upload the translation of Haute Tension and other herge rarities soon
    Narayan Radhakrishnan (advnarayan at gmail dot com)