Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Quick & Flupke

Well, hello! This is the first batch of English translations that I am uploading.  And yes, I did translate everything I post on this blog myself. Font, etc. is mine as well.  Only the drawings are not; which of course they were all drawn by Herge (Georges Remi).

Ok, well, the purpose of this blog is that I am going to be uploading English translations of Herge-relatedcomics that are not currently available in any form in English.  I think these will be a great treat to Herge fans, and I hope that you'll enjoy these.

First off the bat, I have here English translations of some Quick & Flupke books. This series was writern by Herge between the years 1930-1940, and are mostly 2-page gags. Herge drew over 300 of these gags, and not all of them have been published in book form.  During the "Le Petit Vingiteme" years there were roughly 5 volumes put out in black and white; and then in the 1950-60s a 11 volume series was published called "The Exploits of Quick & Flupke" each book contained 16 gags. And then in the 1990s Casterman put out a 12-volume series of Quick & Flupke, each book containing 23 gags, with 11 of the volumes by Herge and one volume with gags by Johan de Moor.  Well, it's three of those eleven volumes that I present translated here today (Excuse Me Ma'am, Catastrophe & Pranks and Jokes), and the file that you see labeled "13" is not an actual published volume. It's simply a collection I put together of Quick & Flupke gags by Herge that never appeared in any of the 11 volumes.  So anyway I hope you enjoy!

Volume 7 - Excuse Me Ma'am - Click to Download!

Volume 9 - Catastrophe - Click to DOWNLOAD!

Volume 10 - Pranks and Jokes - CLICK TO DOWNLOAD!

Volume 13 - What Audacity! - CLICK TO DOWNLOAD!

Next I'll be uploading some rare Herge series such as "Dropsy" and "The Amiable Mr. Mops".